Why Yoganesa?

Founded by Owner Katri Marcinkowska-Pawlak, Yoganesa offers you a wide variety of ongoing classes at every level, plus workshops that facilitate your growth and transformation. Our professional teaching team is committed to personal, individual attention and gentle support for your practice. There are no mirrors in the Yoganesa studios; the focus is on your inner experience, rather than outer appearance.

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Are you new to Yoganesa and interested in trying some of our classes?

You are welcome to try out any of our classes, join a 5-week introductory class, or start with a Private Session.

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What can regular practice add to your life?

Our busy lives are often focused on the outer world, leaving us little time to ‘look inside’. With regular practice through Yoganesa’s led classes, you create ‘me time’ – a moment to reset, slow down, and reflect. Regular practice is a wonderful way to take care of yourself: the body becomes healthy, the emotions more balanced and the mind more focused. And you have flexibility to join any class you like.


Let us inspire you. Join a workshop!

Workshops are a wonderful way for those with some (or a lot of!) experience in yoga, Pilates or mindfulness/meditation who want to deepen or broaden their current practice. Find new challenges, new perspectives and new inspiration to help you develop further!

Want to learn something new? Join our courses!

If you want to establish a beginning practice, our Introductory courses are an ideal way to begin. Once you have experienced the joy practice can bring, committing to an ongoing course can help you stay on the path. Beyond Pilates, and Vinyasa and Yin Yoga courses, Yoganesa offers Kundalini and Raja Yoga, among other courses.

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Connect to your authentic Self with Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are the practices that truly allow you to take your self-development into your own hands. They help us counter the overwhelming input of life, and enable us to be fully present, alive and aware. This in turn creates a better quality of life – one in which we are connected to our deepest and most authentic self.

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Just for you:
Private Sessions

Our One-on-One programme is designed exclusively for you. We offer private sessions specifically adapted to your needs and interests, with one of our instructors.

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Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness for companies

Want to bring more presence, peace and harmony into your place of work? Invite Yoganesa to create a yoga, meditation or mindfulness day (or course!) for your company’s specific needs.

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