Mindfulness training

Our extremely busy lives can be full of restlessness, obsessive thoughts, and anxiety or pain, leading to a lot of stress.

When we focus all of our energy on these negative parts of life, we lose awareness of the positive.  Life doesn’t need to be like this! Mindfulness teaches us to handle stress and health issues in a balanced and effective way. The practice of mindfulness teaches us how to be present, here and now, enabling us to easily let go of obstructing thoughts, emotions and tension. The mindfulness training program at Yoganesa combines elements of Eastern mindfulness techniques with the innovative insights of modern Western psychology.

Mindfulness Training: Who is it for?

What you put into this training, you will get out of it

If you want to improve the quality of your life, this mindfulness training program might be the right choice for you.This is especially true if you want to learn how to deal with life’s obstacles in a new way. With the support of the group, all participants are expected to be motivated: daily practice is an important part of the training and will need to be carried out with commitment if you want to benefit from the training. The results are so worthwhile:

  • learn how to deal with difficult emotions, like tension, anxiety or pain
  • spend less energy on worrying
  • have the capacity to enjoy a busy life
  • find more moments of joy, peace and inner stillness
  • experience each moment with awareness
  • increase your energy levels

When is mindfulness training not advisable?

If you want to solve specific issues and mental barriers, like acute psychic distress, conflict situations or career issues, then you will benefit more from individual therapy or coaching. Individual therapy is also advisable in case of psychosis or addiction. While it can be helpful, mindfulness training is not specifically designed for people suffering from attention deficit disorder. If you have a diagnosis of ADD, please discuss this with the trainer to assess the advisability of the training for you. A mindfulness training program is also, quite often, not the most appropriate solution to a period of crisis, for example when you are in the middle of a divorce, moving house or going through dramatic changes in family or professional life. Then it’s best to postpone. Personal crises may be overwhelming by times, making it hard to focus on the training; and during tough times it may be hard to commit todaily homework.


  • Mindfulness training is proven to be effective in reducing the following symptoms:
  • work stress and burnout
  • negative thinking, ruminating
  • sinking into depression
  • chronic pain and the emotional effects of a serious disease
  • symptoms arising from anxiety and fear
  • physical symptoms which are stress- and tension-related, like high blood
  • pressure, psoriasis, fatigue, RSI and insomnia

Mindfulness training improves the skills to:

  • cope with stressful circumstances
  • increase energy levels
  • develop better concentration (due to less worrying)
  • set and maintain personal boundaries (due to increased self-esteem)
  • experience and enjoy the present moment with a deeper level of awareness

Would you like to follow the group training?

Our next 8 weeks Mindfulness Stress Reduction Training starts on Wednesday 27th October and finishes on 15th December 2021. Each session takes 2 hours from 9:30 until 11:30

Mindfulness Trainer: Katri

Investment: 350 euro*  (incl. workbook and a series of guided meditations)

*Healthcare reimbursement: Katri is registered with the VMBN as a category 1 trainer, under registration number: 20191378. That’s why it is quite possible that the health insurance will reimburses part of the course fee. It is best to check this out via zorgwijzer.nl

In a case you wish to follow Mindfulness training individually please contact Katri (via email katri@yoganesa.nl or phone 0645228162) so she can send you price offer and an intake.