Unlock yourself and connect to your authentic self!!!

While it is undeniably difficult to be living under lockdown, there is a positive side to our current Corona-19 existence: Corona has created more space for many of us. We can use this ‘lockdown’ time well, and connect back to our authentic selves.

How? Create a time for yourself everyday and do the things which make you happy, things you didn’t have time to do before Corona because of so many daily demands. For example wake up early and enjoy the sunrise. Enjoy the slow pace of the early morning and use this time to meditate, reflect, write or exercise. Read books that answer your deepest questions. Eat your food more slowly and enjoy it instead of just treating it like fuel. Go for a walk and enjoy nature. Do one thing at a time. Help others.

I hear from some Yoganesa members that being in lockdown makes you feel like working 24/7 – they are having difficulties with creating boundaries around ‘work time’ each day, and are not taking time for themselves.

What about you? You may find yourself moored in old habits, or feeling extra pressure and stress.

We can free ourselves from this kind of behavior if we can be present with what IS. What IS right now, is more time for reflection, and to feed the good in ourselves. Can you see this moment of lockdown as the moment to stop sabotaging yourself with negative self-judgements (“I am just not good enough,” or “I have to work harder!” etc.) and to slow down, support yourself and start nourishing yourself?