Best Practice For 2019: Feeding the positive

Monthly Newsletter January 2019

So often at the end of a year, we hear people say something like: ‘I am so ready for 2018  [for example] to be over with! What a lousy year!’  Well, maybe we don’t meet our own, or others’ expectations each year. And objectively speaking, some years are genuinely not as nice as others.
But mindfulness teaches us a key lesson here: your attention feeds your life. So, mindfully speaking, are you feeding the positive, or the negative in your life?
A practice for 2019: a jar full of joy
To shift our attention – our words, our actions, our beliefs – from the negative (which happens every day) to the positive (which happens every day), here is a practice: Find a nice, big jar. And every day, for a full year, write down one positive thing that happened on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, you will have 365 positive things, big and small, that have occurred. That’s a lot of mindful, conscious positivity you are feeding!