What is your true Power?

Monthly Newsletter February 2019

‘Power’ is a word that is used so often – and with such mixed feelings. Particularly when we think of the Dutch words – macht or kracht – there seems to be a slightly negative connotation.  As if ‘power’ meant ‘power over others’. 
In fact power is a kind of inner clarity and certainty, resulting from deep self-knowledge. While its effects are seen in the outer world – in your ability to decide what you want and create that result – power is developed in your interior world:  your mind, your soul, your gut and your guidance (wherever that may come from).
Seeking Power
You know how it feels to be ‘fully powered’- clear, open, confident, physically energized and radiating the best of yourself, your essential energy. 
How do you connect to that Power?  Spending time in nature? Dancing the night away? Making food, or making love, or playing music, or going to a museum or film or sports event? Singing? Laughing? It’s a good thing to have a practice that brings you back to the place where you are centred in your own unique Power.
Yoga is one practice that you can do throughout life that offers you consistent connection to your Power. First of all, simply breathing through the challenges and joys of a yoga class, you begin to develop two of the 8 Limbs of Yoga –  Pranayama and Asana. But no tree limb is separate from the tree, so as you do yoga you also feed the other six limbs…