What is your heart’s desire?

As you know I am the mom of a wonderful 5 year old boy named Ksawery. And there was a time in the past few years when he started to ask “Mommy, when will I become a big brother?” 

After Ksawery was born we (me and my husband) were open to the idea of him having a brother or sister but we were never obsessed about it. We thought “If it happens, it will be great; if not we will accept it too”. The situation changed after our son communicated his needs, the need to have somebody to play and share with. Both my husband and I have siblings and we’ve experienced what having a sister or brother can bring into our lives. 

I remember the moment when I sent a BIG YES out into the Universe!  I said, “YES let it happen”.  Believe it or not but that created the change –  it happened! I am currently 26 weeks into my pregnancy and soon our baby girl will be born. It is true miracle, like so many things in life 🙂

Desire makes the difference

This situation is an example of how desire works. We simply need to give  permission to things which need to happen in our lives. We need to hear our inner voice first, and let the Universe hear it too. Often we want something in our lives to change, but at the same time are afraid of that change. We don’t feel ready for the change, we postpone it, we hesitate. Everything new brings the unknown, and the unknown generates fear. But once we become aware of the fact that fear is holding us back, we are more able to say Yes! 

Here is the lesson: listen to your inner desires, say Yes, and see what happens.

Staying in the ‘now’

If you ask me how am I feeling,  I need to say that pregnancy on the one hand is very challenging, and on the other very beautiful. It is challenging because there are many physical, mental and emotional changes happening and the current pandemic situation around us doesn’t help. Every day I need to deal with discomfort. There are many things which need to be done differently – starting with the way I eat, the pace of life, and ‘achieving’ things on my To-Do list. I can’t do as many things as I would like, and in the way I would like. Therefore, I’ve  learned to listen to my needs and accept them. I live day by day, moment by moment, breath by breath. 

It is actually becoming very clear what is really important and what is not. I believe that this realization “What is really important for me?” doesn’t happen only during pregnancy but also in any other new and challenging situation in life. There is a lot of negativity around us at this moment and it’s actually very easy to be trapped in that. What helps me during these challenging moments is a practice of Inquiry; every day I start with a question What is the most important for me right now?” I let go of everything that pulls me out of my centre and I focus on creating a connection to my heart. It is very important for me to feel this stable connection and to experience life being lived from my heart. It helps me to stay focused and see the bright side of life. We can read thousands of books and this may not change our life. What will add volumes to our life is our lived experience; to experience means to feel and live consciously in harmony with the heart.  

Moments of big change

I am living in the moment with presence, and I am experiencing change and the true miracle of new life. These miracles and changes happen not only in the mind and body of pregnant women; they happen in everyone. 

What changes and miracles are you facing right now?

Did you see a rainbow last week? 

Did you see and experience the warm smile of a child? 

Did you eat something delicious? 

Did you notice the colorful trees? 

Did you enjoy warm shower? 

By being trapped with all negativity around us we often don’t see the beauty in our lives. There are all kinds of small miracles we get to experience every day. Fill your day with those small miracles, things you are grateful for! To complete this year I invite you to look back and make a list of the things which happened in 2021 that you are truly grateful for, remembering to include even very small things.

Keep your commitment to know your heart’s desire, and to support yourself in these times of change.

With love