Welcome aboard flight 2022 to 2023

Welcome aboard flight 2022 to 2023

We ask to take only the best memories of 2022 as hand luggage.

Annoying, angry and sad moments can be stored in the luggage compartments behind you.

Flight 2022-2023 is scheduled for 12 months of travel.
Personal contact is welcome during the flight.
The use of social media is also allowed.
Fasten your seat belt properly.

On the way we pass:
Health, Love, Happiness, Harmony, Prosperity and Peace.

On this flight we operate:
Cocktail of Friendship
Bag of Health
A pot of Prosperity
Bowl full of Great News
Salad of Success
Cake of Happiness

All this served with crispy toasts and crackling salvos of laughter.

Have a nice trip on board the plane 2023