Time for holidays

We are all longing for time off: a long summer break. We feel the need to step out of our  routine, to break the daily habits of rushing and living by ‘to-do lists’,  to slow down, to sleep longer, to recharge and enjoy life.

I often hear Yoganesa members saying “I am tired but ok”  or “Two more weeks to go and holidays start, so I can relax.” When we are working so hard, keeping up with all of our tasks, we often forget about our needs. We postpone our needs: for later, next week, next month, next year.

When we are balanced, these short holidays we look forward to can help us to recharge and refocus. But if we are out of balance these brief holidays won’t recharge us. It will be the opposite. It might create  even more stress and tension! Here’s what I say: Don’t wait until the holidays to rest, do something everyday that helps you to relax and recharge. Make a little part of every day feel like you’re on holiday. 

I am lucky with what I do: my teaching allows me to be connected to my heart and listen to my needs. It was a very challenging year for me, a year of giving, holding space and being inspired. Personally I also feel the need to relax and recharge. Therefore I intend to take it easy this summer. I have already started to slow down by doing less, and recharging with a  daily meditation practice and I advise you to do this same.

Here is a practice to start  this summer

Please ask yourself: “How can I relax and recharge this summer? What will help me relax and recharge?” If you like you can  journal around the subject. Look at everything that makes you happy, don’t limit yourself, let your mind find the space in which you can rest and relax.

As everything starts in the mind, let yourself start exploring the mind this summer. Start with meditation. There are plenty of ways to do meditation. To name a few: moving meditation, sound meditation, guided meditation, seeing meditation, vipassana meditation. You can try various techniques and choose the one which works the best for you.