Time flies – Don’t Miss the Now by Hurrying through Life

It was one week, then one month and now it is one year. Yes, it has been a year, since Tosia was born. I don’t know how this time flew by so fast. It was a year of sleepless nights; I had forgotten how challenging the first year with a baby is. It was a year of searching for a new balance in life and family – and this process continues.

Tosia is doing well. She is very cute girl with a beautiful smile but also a strong will for exploration and independence. We love her and we are looking forward to support her in discovering her path.

I am very lucky and grateful to have my family and friends around me. Without their support I would not be able to do what I am doing 🙂 I am sending a big thank you their way.

To combine motherhood, a slow-working thyroid, and work is quite challenging. Therefore I keep reminding myself to live mindfully, to take one step at a time and I actually advise you to do the same 🙂

Someone once asked a wise man who was very experienced in meditation how it was possible that he was so calm and relaxed?

The man replied:

“When I stand, then I stand. 

When I walk, I walk. 

When I eat, I eat. 

When I speak, I speak.”

The questioner interrupted him and said: “I do that too, but what else do you do?”

The wise man replied again:

“When I stand, then I stand. 

When I walk, I walk. 

When I eat, I eat. 

When I speak, I speak.” 

“But I do that too?” the questioner interrupted again.

“No,” said the wise man,

“When you are sitting, you are already standing.

When you are standing, you are already walking.

When you walk, you are already where you want to be.” 


Classes in Rotterdam Nesselande

As you probably know I have been living in Nesselande from 2016 and from time to time my neighbors asked me about pilates and yoga classes. It has come to pass: I got an opportunity to contribute to the well-being of my neighbors. I have started teaching at a beautiful location on Corsicalaan 29, 3059 XX Rotterdam in Nesselande! It doesn’t change anything for your regular classes at the Yoganesa studio, I am just informing you about it in case you see  Nesselande on the schedule – don’t be confused! I am continuing my teaching in Rotterdam Kralingen, just like always.

TIP on how to save costs of your classes at Yoganesa

Disease prevention budget

Did you know that almost every employer has a budget available for disease prevention, personal development or free choice? With, among other things, the work costs scheme (WKR), employer’s contribution, Personal Choice Budget or any other such  scheme in your company. In other words, the classes you follow at Yoganesa can (partly) be reimbursed through your employer! Ask your employer if they offer this option.

Mindfulness Training

Did you know that I am registered with the VMBN as a category 1 trainer, under registration number: 20191378 so the Health Insurance will reimburses part of the training fee. It is best to check this out here.


Did you know that you can find us in the RotterdamPas brochure? We have been collaborating with RotterdamPas for the past few years, offering discounts on our classes and workshops. Check our current actions here.

Bonus points

As a Yoganesa member each time you purchase a new class card you collect BONUS POINTS automatically. Moreover, if your friend purchases a new class card the points will be added to your account as well. Use the  collected points for a  discount on your new purchase. Check here how much discount can you expect.