Time flies! 10 Years of Yoganesa!

Monthly Newsletter May 2019

We started out in 2009 on Slotstraat in Kralingen. It was a very cozy space, meaning there was a maximum of 6 participants per class.  After 2.5 years, we moved to the current location of Yoganesa.

I had a vision, and a strong feeling of wanting to connect with other passionate and authentic teachers who might like to share their love of Pilates, Yoga and meditation at the studio, and grow together.

That is what we are working with at Yoganesa right now – the qualities of growth, connection and strength for our teaching team and our students.

Ganesha as our Guide

It wasn’t an accident to have the elephant-headed god Ganesha as Yoganesa’s guide. At times Ganesha is said to put challenges on our path so that we can learn and grow into our true selves; at other times, he clears away all the obstacles on our path, allowing us to smoothly walk forward. I can certainly say that the past 10 years have been very interesting! I have learned so much about myself and others. Blessings on Ganesha and the studio!

Love and gratitude

I love Yoganesa. It gives me the possibility to share my passion, and to support and help others.

I love to see Yoganesa members growing, overcoming life’s challenges on the one hand, but also seeing them happy and healthy on the other hand.

I love the Yoganesa team: My friends, you are my inspiration and I learn so much from you.

Thank you everybody who has walked with me on this path so far –  I am looking forward to our continuing  journey.