This is a story about butterflies

Newsletter February 2022

In the spring of 2020, my son Xavi got a present from his beloved auntie Aggie, it was a butterfly’s eggs. We were observing the stages of the butterfly cycle: from eggs they hatched into the caterpillars, which hung upside – down to form Chrysalis/ pupa and from there made the complete metamorphosis to emerge as butterflies. It was very nice to see this cycle, the transformation into a beautiful butterfly.

When the butterflies became adults and flew from one side to the other side of the net, I saw that their wings were slightly hitting the net that they gave off a colored discharge. I realized that we used the net to protect butterflies from birds or rain – but when the butterflies became adults the net became the limitation. It was time to release them. I opened the net and said “You are free now, you can fly where you like”. I was expecting them to fly away immediately, but they didn’t, I was surprised to see them staying inside. We even took some of the butterflies and we put them outside of the net. They were sitting on the other side of the net for a few hours before they flew away.

Why the story of butterflies right now?

There are many reasons why this story comes right now. One of the reasons is that I feel personally like I am in transformation. It is a ‘chrysalis’ phase which is teaching me that everything needs time and patience. Looking at the butterflies we see that they start their life as a caterpillar struggling to survive and not get eaten by birds. The chrysalis phase is the moment when the inner development is happening. This is a very important moment and teaches us to be patient and trust the process. Once hatched, our butterflies did not rush to fly away, they took their time and when they were ready they moved on.

Do you give yourself enough time? Are you patient with yourself and others? Do you trust the process called ‘life’?

The second reason to share this story is to be aware of the fact that the magnificent, yet short life of the butterfly is a reminder that life is short and it is important to live a life of meaning. Butterflies are a deep and powerful representation of life. They are beautiful and have mystery, symbolism, and poetic meaning; and are a metaphor representing spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope, and life. Therefore the question: have you already found the purpose of your life or are still seeking it?

The third reason is a call to you to be aware of what is limiting you in life. In my story when the butterflies became adults and ready to be ‘free’,  the net became too small for them. The butterflies were limited and couldn’t be themselves. It is very important for us to feel when “our net” becomes too small and limits us – when we feel ready to move on and to enter a new space, a new phase. Are you aware of what is limiting you? How do you overcome these limits?

The limitations might not be external – they could be unhelpful thoughts, wrong beliefs, ego, but also all the restrictions, lockdowns, and self isolation of the past two years has a very big influence on the way we are living right now. I see many people holding themselves back and hesitating to follow their hearts. I call to you to  please unlock yourself and wake up the same that nature is slowly waking up after its winter sleep. Lead your own life in the way that you will know, once you begin your exit from this world you will know that you have truly LIVED.