The seasons are changing (and so are we)

I am writing this on the Equinox, as we are really literally stepping from the Yang of Summer into the Yin of Autumn. I invite you to look into nature, see how the seasons are changing. This is a moment of transition. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer. This is considered the wet time of the year. We notice already it is cooling down. Nature turns inward, moving from a time of fiery sun and brilliant light towards a time of darkness: the Yin seasons of autumn and winter.

It is a moment for change.

‘There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.’ – Buddha

To be able to change anything in our life we need to be open to change and not resist it. Most importantly, we need to be willing to look within ourselves, and to connect to our roots. Often when we long for change, we are impatient with other people, with work and ourselves. We keep trying to change our habits, but we can be confronted with ‘the same issue’ repeatedly. We feel frustrated and worried. Often we give up.

But to experience true change, we need to act differently than usually. (If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always gotten.)  Examine your life. Look at your every part of it – your home, your diet, your work, your habits, your relationships, your link to Nature and practice. Look within and ask yourself: Is there something in my life I want to change? Be patient and compassionate with yourself, especially when you notice any obstacles to the change you desire.

How to set the stage for healthy change as we move into the Yin seasons:

Take care of your surroundings:

Clean your living space and keep only the objects which bring you good memories – as Marie Kondo says, things that ‘spark joy’.  If you have a garden, do the same – get rid of all the weeds, the overgrown trees and shrubs to prepare the space for next year.

Change your wardrobe:

Store away all of your summer clothing to make room for the cold-weather clothing you will soon need – your sweaters, socks, scarves, hats, and warm waterproof coats for example.

Look at your diet:

Nourish yourself with homemade meals. Do not overindulge in sweets, which can drain your energy during this Yin time of year; instead, try seasonal fruits. Autumn and winter are a time to eat mindfully – often with cooked foods, appropriate for the time of year – and to work on your digestion.

Look within yourself:

Spend some time every day to do something for your ‘inner’ self: meditate, practice yoga, journal about your dreams or insights; choose things which help you to stay close to your centre and things which give you energy.

If you are already in a process of change, take some time to reflect on the path you are walking. See what you are leaving behind you, smile to yourself and be proud of yourself – because you have started, and commit to going all the way!