The beautiful moments make life worth living

When I was a young boy

I wanted to reach the end of the world.

I used to ask where and whether this world really ends…

I used to ask “What’s life, what’s life, mommy?”.

“You see, life is you and me, this bird, this tree and this flower”

she used to reply…


Now, I’m a grown man and I know that only some moments of life are beautiful, 

and that’s what makes life worth living…

only some moments…

These are lyrics from a Polish song which has been strongly resonating with me lately.

The last weeks have been a bit tough on our family: at the end of April our dog, Foxy, got so sick that after 15 years of enjoying life together we had to say goodbye to her. Besides that Xavi started his May holidays with chickenpox, so we had to isolate Tosia to protect her. Two weeks later my husband also got chickenpox. As you probably know, chickenpox is a children’s disease and can be very dangerous for adults. My husband had a tough time: I saw his vulnerability, disappointment, worry and irritation. Luckily after 14 long days of staying in bed, he fought off the virus. When this gray cloud had passed over us, suddenly we  had to take Tosia to the  hospital as she had a fever. After several tests they found out that our little girl has COVID. We came home and did self tests. The result is  that Xavi and myself have COVID as well. I hope this intense time will be over soon and I can enjoy the Spring and lead the classes, courses and trainings which I planned for June 2022.

Below, I am sending some inspiration. I hope it will resonate with you.

“You’re only given as much as you can handle at any given time. Whether it’s true or not, it gives you strength.” Gillian Anderson

I have realized that life is filled with different moments –  challenging, easy and beautiful ones. We need to experience those moments, rather than push unpleasant experiences or challenging moments away, or grasp or hold onto enjoyable moments.

Do you remember having plenty of free time?

I remember those moments of my life when I could sleep until 12:00, practice yoga and meditation every day, lie on the beach and enjoy the sun. I remember the times when I was traveling all the way from Rotterdam to Utrecht, spending 2 hours in the car, just to join a yoga class with one of my favorite yoga teachers. The situation has changed since I became a mom. It is not easy to find free time to do things which I used to do. My practice has changed as well. Thanks to Mindfulness I learned to practice while doing my daily chores. Now I practice when I am cooking, walking, listening or talking. And I especially appreciate small, peaceful and quiet moments, moments when I can sit and enjoy some breathing practice, or walking meditation. In those moments I am so grateful and I think “Let this moment last”.

You don’t need to sit in a cave to enjoy practice

If you are looking for the best time or place to practice, remember we don’t have to travel faraway to practice. We don’t need to sit in a cave or on a mountain in India to connect to ourselves and to practice. Everything that we need is very close, it is within us and the best moment to practice is the moment of now.

Remember that when we focus on beautiful moments in our life we start to see more of beauty within and around us. We reflect this beauty to the world, even during the most challenging of times.

Stay well and in the present moment!

Katri and Yoganesa Team