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Every one of us has a natural intention to live their lives to the very best of it. To love the life you live. But how does it fit with all social norms you have been raised in?

The “old me” was working as structural engineering specialist. I could find and solve any issue in any structure, yet I could not even name my own problems. I paid for it with a critical burnout and total body failure.

We are taught to follow the steps and, as adults, we are being denied making mistakes. We are supposed to make critical decisions when we are in our twenties, and then just carry on. That is why so many of us feel stuck, misplaced and unable to move. We keep lousy jobs, relationships, toxic “friends”, we feel bad about our bodies, we hide our emotions. The list is endless. The list of excuses to not to change is even longer.

Vibrational Tuning returned me back to the living and helped so much, that I decided to research it. Very quickly I became passionate about it and decided to learn it myself. Ever since I became a certified practitioner, I have been able to help many people like me. I hope I can help you as well…

If you would like to know more about Tune Your Body Up or our transition, you can always contact us. I am happy to share.