Katri’s desire to share her experience with other new and experienced yoga teachers, and with serious practitioners who want more depth and knowledge, led to her writing two books: Finding More Flow and The Moon, Yoga and You and creating Vinyasa Video Course.

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Yoganesa Video Library

The Yoganesa Video Library is a fantastic way to start your online yoga journey. You can practice pilates and yoga on your own and get inspiration wherever you are. With this package you get first 7 days free try-out, unlimited access to all Yoganesa classes and you can cancel in any time. Choose unlimited access to Yoganesa video library

Eco friendly Yoga and meditation products

We care about the environment and therefore we choose to use eco friendly products. We are collaborating with Samarali, which is creating stylish yoga products with Asian design, made of eco-friendly and natural materials which have a low impact to nature.

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