Rolling to be Stress-free, Saturday 18 June 2022 at 10:45

Taking good care of yourself is what we try to teach you at Yoganesa. With her Self Care Workshops Anna will
teach you easy self massage techniques using a roller and balls, which you can use to help yourself whenever

You’re invited to take part in our Self-Care Rolling Workshops that focus on self-massage through rolling, which are
divided into three 1-hour sessions:

Session 1. Rolling to be Stress-free
Session 2. Rolling for the Lower back
Session 3. Rolling to have Pain-free knees

Regeneration is often associated only with athletes and physically active people.  However, in the context of
maintaining health and well-being, it is also one of the key elements that we should all take care of, regardless of
our level of physical activity.

Living in a constant rush and under pressure, our body is exposed to excessive muscle tension caused by
incorrect posture at work, excessive stimulation or too much stress.  The long-term result of this state of affairs is
stress overload and subsequent injuries to the body.

Rolling is one of the best and most effective forms of active regeneration, allowing you to reduce muscle tension
and accumulated stiffness in the body. It improves the body’s performance and functioning.  It allows you to gain
energy and strength for further action. It can calm down the body after a hard day and improve the quality of
sleep. By taking care of systematic regeneration, your body can work more effectively in both professional and
everyday life.

Rolling allows you to do something for yourself, not only improving your health and well-being, but also helping
you to listen to your body’s needs.

Rolling is also a perfect complement to your training routine, which it enriches with needed regeneration.
Performing self-massage through rolling after training will hydrate and elasticize the muscles and fascia, increase
the efficiency of stretching, and also improve the regeneration of the body – it is a very effective form of injury

Days: Saturday

Date: 18 June 2022; 25 June 2022; 2 July 2022

Time: 10:45 – 11:45

Teacher: Anna

Investment: 29 euro, Yoganesa members 25 euro with discount code ROLLING22

Do you need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact Katri 0645228162

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