Relaxation is our natural state

Relaxation is our natural state. 

Can you bring yourself back to the feeling after a yoga class or meditation? Back into the moment you feel fully relaxed and at ease? This is our most natural state of being: a state of still, quiet awareness. We all were born with a feeling of inner peace, joy and love. Yoga brings us back to this truth.

Our natural state of being is an effortless calm that brings peace wherever we go; right action flows out of it without much effort on our part. We need to just observe it all happen. Yoga brings us back to this truth.

Life’s demands disrupt our peace.

Life’s demands – and all the rushing, stress, focusing on the external, being judgemental of self and others, wanting too much, trying to control everything – literally disconnects us from our natural state of relaxation. We start to separate from our hearts. We ignore our needs – and in the longer term we become tired, lonely and unhappy.

How can we reconnect to the quietness within?

I think that the most important is to commit to a regular practice and see it as a connection to your centre. Try to commit to regular Pilates, yoga, and/or meditation practice and you will be able to remain at peace no matter what is going on around you. Remember that you cannot be destroyed. Although the physical body changes and eventually is shed, there is something within you that is eternal, and unchangeable. We just need to stay connected!!!

“In your mind, you can rationalize all kinds of things you may want for yourself and others, but the crucial choices you make come straight from your heart.” Maria Shriver