Private sessions

Private sessions

Yoganesa offers private sessions, especially adapted to your needs and interests. A private session is very appropriate if you want to start with yoga or deepen and develop your practice. The One-On-One program is designed to offer you private sessions specifically adapted to your needs and interests by one of our teachers.

You can use the one-on-one program as a way to balance your life.

Private Yoga sessions are also recommended for people struggling with:

  • Stress
  • Injuries
  • Back pain
  • Lack of energy
  • Bad posture
  • Indigestion
  • Emotional imbalance


70,- Single Private Sessions (book a private class until 30 April and get 10 euro discount)

To plan your private session please call Katri 0645228162 or send the email to

Spiritual coaching

Spiritual coaching

Spirituality is your personal experience of what you think, feel, experience and know.

With private tuition, we can explore your spiritual development or any barriers to this. In combination with meditation, this can add to the development of your consciousness.

As part of spiritual coaching, you will develop breathing and relaxation techniques, as cultivating mindfulness. When putting these techniques into practice in your daily life, you will notice more insight and self-confidence.

Private spiritual coaching can enable you to:

  • Break free from an (unwanted) behavioral pattern.
  • Achieve a better balance between your feelings and reasoning.
  • Work through unprocessed (known or unknown) emotions.
  • Gain more passion and zest in your life.
  • Receive any needed support for difficult decisions or periods in your life

The one-to-one session will last initially approximately 1.5 hours, with subsequent appointments set for (approximately) one hour.

Coach: Fauzia

Your investment per session: 45,- (including a debrief)

To plan your coaching please send the email to 

Positive Psychology and Yoga

Positive Psychology and Yoga

Counseling & Yoga session

An unconventional, informal and out-of-the box counseling session combined with personal yoga training.

We will be sitting in cozy cushions on yoga mats, talking through everything that you would like to share and have guidance with.  Psychotherapy is not only about dealing with a serious problem in life but also about developing and growing. About learning to appreciate and engage more, so that you make the most out of an already decent life.  Respect, compassion and understanding will be the key components of our interaction.

Once the thoughts and feelings turn to words and a first level of relief has been achieved, we will try to influence and benefit your mental and emotional stability with a liberating and purifying yoga practice. The physical dimension is crucial to your general well-being.

Topics in focus:

  • Stress relief
  • Motivation
  • Self-esteem, confidence & self- approval
  • Relationship Issues
  • Goal-setting & Purpose
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Breathing Techniques and more

Duration: 2 hours

Your investment per session: 100,-

To plan your counseling please send the email to

Shamanic Healings

Shamanic Healings

The shaman (shamanic practitioner) is a natural go-between. He or she moves between the ordinary and the non-ordinary reality. The reason for this is his profound wish to help people or things – to heal, cleanse or to illuminate someone’s life path, and to help with difficult situations, to give direction and/or advice.

To do this, the shaman needs the help of his or her allies, the spirits. Without them the shaman is powerless

To help solve the client’s problems, the shaman has many healing techniques at his or her disposal. These include:

Extraction work:

The removal of alien energies, energies that are not the client’s own and are causing problems.

Power animal retrieval: Sometimes people lose their connection with their power animal and they begin to experience trouble in life.The shaman will journey for the client to ask a power animal to return.

Drum healing:The shaman usesthe sound and vibration of the drum (or a rattle, didgeridoo or voice) to heal and re-energise the body of the client.

Soul retrieval: Soul retrieval is one of the more powerful and well-known tools of the shaman. Because of traumatic or shock experiences, a piece of essence of the soul can be detached (loosened) and leave. This can cause fragmentation of someone’s mental or physical health.

A shaman can, together with his spirit kin, find and return these soul pieces; follow up work includes reintegration with active participation by the client.

Divination: The shaman journeyson the client’s path to see which way to go.

Retrieving Lost or Problematic Souls:

The shaman often uses the Psychopomp as a way to find the problematic lost souls of people, and also those of animals, plants, houses or places.

Shamanic healing knows many paths, but the specific ones are always chosen by spirit.

An interview takes place before the healing.

Shamanic practitioner: Gyanjot


30-45 minutes – €30,-
75 minutes – €65,-
120 minutes – €95,-

To plan your healing please send the email to