My path in yoga started when I was in high school, following Katri’s classes. The yoga class was a small moment of rest and relaxation between school and doing homework; in addition, it was a nice opposite, a counterbalance to the other sports I did. It made me calm and, just as important, I liked it a lot! This interest has developed more and more. Meanwhile, I have a great interest in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So I followed training as a natural nutrition consultant and exercise coach. This path drew me so strongly that I also, later,  did the yoga teacher training. I look forward to further deepening and developing myself in both areas: nutrition and exercise. For me, yoga has now become a moment of attention for myself. As soon as I sit on the mat I feel at home. Then I listen to what my body and mind need,  that is the basis for my practice. Sometimes this is an active Vinyasa flow, but I also like the slow, quieter forms of yoga.

To share this with others is a true gift for me. The circle is complete now that I give lessons myself on the spot where I once started my yoga studies as a teenager.