From childhood on I looked at life with a critical mind and curiosity. After my study at the Art Academy I was intuitively attracted to Yoga and started to practice it. Even in the twelve years I worked in the fashion world, I was practicing Yoga, I attended courses and I taught.  With yoga, vipassanna meditation and shamanistic ceremonies, and extensive travel, I found my own centre and more and more I felt a calmness inside. I often felt the completeness, clarity, and also the beauty and joy of life. I practice yoga because I get a lot of good things out of it, physically and mentally. Yoga practice brings peace and invites us to go into the silence. To feel where the space, the subtlety, the differences are. Physically it opens the body and makes me stronger.

“Love your body it can do amazing things”

Education and training (current and past): Robert Boustany, Marlies de Koning, Saswitha yoga, Gina de Bruin , Thai Dee, Tonnie Goes, Integrale Yoga.