Let us focus on what we can do. 

I hear from some of the members that they are bored with their daily routines. Some other members say that they are tired because of home schooling and working from home. What can we do to stay healthy –  physically, mentally and emotionally? Let us not focus on what we can’t do; instead let us focus on what we can do. 

As we look at nature, winter time is a time of hibernation, time to rest and recharge. It is a time to ‘charge your batteries’ before spring and summer. How can you best ‘rest and recharge’?

  • Take care of your sleep. Winter is the best time to sleep longer, so go to bed early. Here you can read more about the purpose of sleep https://www.healthline.com/health/why-do-we-sleep#emotional-health;
  • Spend some time in nature, breathing the cold winter air is very invigorating for the lungs;
  • Keep moving. “I would love to see you doing just this, moving. I don’t just mean the exercise kind. I mean movement of the spirit, of the soul. Move, so you can move someone else’s heart. Move, so you can find the inspiration to create, to invent. When you are moving there is no time for ‘fair’, for doubts. Because it pushes you forward, makes you stronger and wiser. (…) Movement inspires and when put into action, it will make every single day of your year count.”

I would like to share with you a video of Mare Cromwell here:

With love,

❤ Katri ❤