It’s been said: Fear is in the head, trust is in the heart.

Monthly newsletter June 2019

Of course we need our logical mental faculties.

But so often our head, our ‘logical self’ can manifest as an inner Talker who creates fear. It’s as if that inner voice exists to scold us like a parent, and to disrupt our peace and clarity. Our head doesn’t mean it badly: it’s just our ego trying to protect us from hurt.  Our clever inner Talker can spin endless tales meant to keep us afraid and small. Our ‘head’ wants to remind us of all the terrible things that have happened in the past; then project them into the future, creating fear.

Living from the head often means trying to manipulate, force, avoid, and resist what you ‘think’ isn’t good for you. It can result in physical symptoms – because the head and the heart are both part of the body, right? – that reflect the constriction of fear: tightness, headaches, stomach problems, nervous ticks.

How different it is to learn to live from the heart, in a state of trust.

In listening to our heart, we learn to trust. We know our truth, without doubts or fears. We simply are. We relax into the moment, knowing that there is nothing else. Simply this moment, breathing, listening to the beating of our heart.

In living from the heart, in a heart-centred way, we share the best of ourselves with others.  That’s because we trust others, and recognise that – like everything in Nature and the Multiverse – we are all connected. If we are living a life that is heart-centred (and of course balanced by appropriate and needed mental and physical activity), we are connected to love and joy: we care about ourselves, about others, and about Nature.