Hanging Yoga – Saturday, 24 February 2024 at 10:45

Yoga Kurunta (Hanging Yoga)is a unique practice, in which gravity is used as a natural form of resistance. The wall and belt are used as props to deepen the asanas and create a new level of openness. Yoga Kurunta helps students to develop strength in both the large and small muscle groups, improve overall flexibility and mobility in the joints and open the spine in every direction without compression. The inverted position means Hanging Yoga helps us to work through fear and build self-confidence.

Hang upside down and practice yoga!

Hang upside down and release back pain!


Saturday, 24th February 2024 at 10:45

Teacher: Katri

Entree: €18,-

The contraindication: 

Yoga Kurunta is contraindicated for high blood pressure, pregnancy, and serious ear or eye diseases such as glaucoma. Basic Yoga knowledge is required for this practice.

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