Habits shape our lives

Many researches shows that around 40% of our daily behaviors are habits. The habits are automatic behaviors like checking your email as soon as you get to work in the morning, walking a certain route home every evening, everyday behaviors we do without thinking about it. 

Are you aware of your habits? One great way to be aware of habits is to write them down. You could focus on your morning routine, lunch behaviors, or any other combination of activities throughout your day. By writing down each action, you can clearly identify what your habits are. It’s worth taking a close look at your habits, and to see which having a negative or positive effect on your lives.

Which of your habits have positive and which negative effect on your life? If you found out that there are some habits which have negative effect on your life see if you can change them. Of course, that’s easier said than done.  You may often find yourself repairing old habits, like eating too late, working too much, worrying a lot etc. 

How can you change habits? The best way to change a habit is to replace it with new habit and to change an environment. So you must complete a new behavior in a given context, get a reward, and repeat. For example, your old habit is doing Netflix marathons, you replace this habit with going earlier to bad, as a reward you wake up fresh and rested. I love to share few examples of how to replace habits, and encourage you to make your own list. Fingers crossed 🙂

Fast food -—-> Homemade food

Toxic friends ——> Mentors

TV ——>  Exercise

Complaining ——> Gratitude

Overthinking ——> Action

Blame ——> Responsibility

Anxiety ——> Be more mindful

Irritated ——> Widen your perspective