To create a personal account via our website, follow these simple steps:
1. Click on ‘Buy membership’;
2. Select agreement;
3. Fill in the personal information and enter REGISTER.
You will receive an email with your password, so that you can log in and use your new account.
To create an account via the eFitness app follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Go to AppStore or GooglePlay – download eFitnessApp and install the app.
Step 2. After installation open the application and search for YOGANESA; click on Yoganesa logo.
Step 3. If you don’t have account yet, click Register and fill in all information. If you have an account click on Your Account and Sign In. Fill in your email address and password. Click Agree on Terms and Conditions and sign In. You are now logged In.
Once you’re logged in:
By clicking on Club you can see information about Yoganesa and our teachers.
To register you click on Timetable, select the class you want and book it.
If you can’t attend, go to your registered class and click Cancel the Class.
By clicking on Activities, you can see your attendance history – which classes you’ve been to.
By clicking on News, you can see our upcoming workshops and courses.
Your account
By clicking on Your account, you can manage your account.
Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us: info@yoganesa.nl Watch the instructional video which will show you how to easily register and use the app.
It depends on what kind of card you buy:
Your 5-class Yoganesa card is valid for 6 weeks, 10-class Yoganesa card is valid for 3 months. If you are going on holiday or have a serious injury you can put your Card on pause for 2 weeks.
You can book a place in class via your personal page at Yoganesa.nl or via the eFitness app, after your Try-out classes.

Via your personal page at Yoganesa.nl:
1.   Go to www.yoganesa.nl
2.   Click on My Yoganesa
3.   As a login use your email address. You will have received a password when you created your personal page; if you forgot your password you can always reset it.
4.   When you are logged in, click SCHEDULE, choose the class you like, SAVE. Done.
Via eFitness app:
1. Download eFitness app on the App Store or on the Google Play
2. Watch the video with instructions how to register and use the application
3. After registration you receive an email with the password so you can use the application.

Every class card has a valid period; for example 5-class cards will be valid for 6 weeks, 10-class cards will be valid for 3 months. If you are going on long holiday or have a serious injury and you can’t join classes, you can put your card on hold for a maximum of one month. What you need to do, is send us an email (info@yoganesa.nl) explaining your situation and Katri or Riet will help you further.
Yes, the membership card is free of charge. As a member of Yoganesa you receive a personal card for checking in before class, gratis.
The yoga mats and all other equipment in the studio are for your use and they are free of charge. After use please clean your yoga mat and put all equipment back in their proper place.
We advise you not to eat for at least 2 hours before the class. If you need to eat something closer to the start of the class, eat a piece of fruit.
How many times a week should you practice Pilates or yoga to begin feeling the positive effects? We advise you to start slowly and take 1 to 2 classes per week.
All classes are open to students of all ages. The restorative classes like Restorative, Yin, Raja Yoga and Slow Flow may be more appropriate for older practitioners, but also very suitable for younger students looking for a more internally-focused, restorative class.
We offer prenatal yoga classes – please check the schedule. Besides that, classes that are most appropriate for this period in your life are Pilates, Restorative, Yin, Raja Yoga and Slow Flow Yoga. When you are pregnant it is important to avoid certain poses and keep the intensity of your practice low. Always let the teacher know before the class starts, that you are pregnant or just had a baby. She/he will give you adjusted poses if needed.
Most classes at Yoganesa are for a mixed level. If you are a beginner, please follow Level 1 or mixed level classes. Even better, you may wish to take an Introduction course. Those classes will slowly help you to understand the basic concepts, and slowly improve your skills. If you are experienced, please choose level 2 or mixed level classes. Those classes will challenge you and help you to grow.
If you haven’t found the answer to your question, please email us at info@yoganesa.nl. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
To join try-out classes please create an account first. It is possible via the website or eFitness app.To register via the Yoganesa website follow a few simple steps:
1. Click on Buy membership;
2. Select Agreement;
3. Fill in the personal information and enter REGISTER.
You will receive an email with your password, so you can immediately log in and use the account.To create an account via eFitness app follow the steps above.
Yes. If you can’t join the class, you can cancel your registration until 1 hour before the class starts.
You do it by logging into your account (as above), go to the class schedule, and click cancel where it shows the classes you’ve signed up for.
You can also use the eFitness app. Please watch the video to see how to use the app.