Everyone can be an angel.

I remember the moment when I arrived in the Netherlands to study dance choreography. It was in 2002. I arrived in front of Codarts with two small suitcases, I looked up at the high building of the Dance Academy and I thought “let’s see what you have to offer me!” It was a very exciting time filled with many new experiences. I would like to share one magical moment I experienced.

It was late February 2003 when I was invited to take part in the promotion of Polish culture in some of primary schools in Germany. For 2 months I was traveling between Rotterdam and different cities in Germany. I was only 23 years old and had just fallen in love. I was living on a “pink cloud”. 

I remember I’d been traveling to a new place to give the workshops and after getting back home I found out that I lost my agenda. It would not have been a big deal – if not for the fact that my passport with student visa was stuck in the agenda. Poland was not yet in the EU then, I was the first Polish student at Codarts and I didn’t know anyone in the Polish community. I found myself in a difficult situation, being abroad, with no passport. It was scary, I was worrying and I thought, I need to go back to Poland. 

In the meantime I moved to new place. One evening I got a phone call: it was Miriam, my former roommate and she said “there is a letter for you”. I went to pick it up. I opened the envelope, I looked inside and my eyes got bigger, I was truly surprised: it was my agenda. I opened it an saw my passport there.. I was very happy. I wanted to call the person or write them a message to say “thank you for this gesture”, but there was no address, there was no information about who was sending back my agenda. I got a feeling that a beautiful soul, an angel, just touched my life. 

Have you ever experienced something like that, “a touch of an angel”?

It was not the first time I felt the support of others. I can say that I am born under “ alucky star”. What I mean with that is that I meet the right people on the way, who help me to grow, who show me the right direction, who open doors for me. I am able to stay connected to my heart and to see the signposts on my path. Being born under a “lucky star”  doesn’t mean that everything that comes onto my path is easy and pleasant. I also face difficulties and challenges and I must say that those challenges are the biggest eye-openers. Every time a challenging moment comes, I feel the need to come closer to my heart and to find my truth. Do you have similar or different ways to overcome challenges on your path?

Everyone can be an angel.

When we are asleep in our lives we look but we don’t see; we listen but we can’t hear. When we awaken and are present we look and we see, we listen and we hear, we are able to act from the heart and we are able to be like an angel and help each other. I strongly believe that actions count and we as humans have the need to help others – and not only around  Christmas time. Therefore I would like to encourage all of us to understand the importance of our actions. Every positive action, gift of time, or advice, which we offer to others can have a big impact on that individual and on our whole world. Let us look around, is there somebody who needs our help, a gentle gesture or simply a smile?

Yoganesa’s angels

We are all living in very challenging times. Straight before Christmas the partial lockdown was prolonged; it feels different than year ago and much different than two years ago. Lockdown and all its restrictions may feel unpleasant, maybe you think there is not much left to enjoy your life; a life you are used to. The good news is that the time flies, which I can clearly see when I look at my belly growing ; ): everything that is challenging will pass. In the meantime there is the possibility to create something new. I hope you will take time to slow down, to move inward and to enjoy the inner journey. We as the Yoganesa team are committed to continuing our work in supporting your growth and helping you to stay grounded and to follow your heart. 

Thank you for all your support and good wishes. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and please continue to be an angel, who helps others to go through their lives with ease.