Active Hatha Kundalini Yoga

Active Hatha Kundalini Yoga is an active form of yoga. Dynamic body exercises are combined with various breathing techniques, particularly the Breath of Fire. In Active Hatha Kundalini Yoga, breathing takes a central place, connecting the body to a deep source of  energy and vitality. The beauty of Active Hatha Kundalini Yoga lies in the direct experience that one has in their practice. What you experience goes directly to the heart. You will experience the harmony inside yourself and in your surroundings. You will reach a balance between body and mind. This creates a sense of calm, a cheerful mood and energetic feeling.

Active Hatha Kundalini Yoga

Day: Thursdays

Time: 19:30 – 20:45

Teacher:  Gyanjot

2 try-out classes: 2 classes within 8 days for 15,00 euro
10 classes card valid for 12 weeks for 130,00 euro
Single class 17,00 euro

Registration: With any questions and to register for Active Hatha Kundalini Yoga please contact Katri by sending an email: