Outdoor classes in Nesselande

Outdoor classes in Nesselande

As is our tradition every Spring and Summer, we are looking forward to a roster of outdoor classes. We start with outdoor classes in Nesselande from Sunday 13 June. The class starts at 10:30 and will take 60 minuets. To join the Sunday classes please book a spot via https://yoganesa.cms.efitness.com.pl/buy-membership, choose starting date and 2 try-out classes for 15 euro.

If you interested in outdoor classes? Join the WhatsApp group to stay up to date about all of our outdoor classes held in Nesselande. Contact Katri at 06-45228162 to be added to the group.

To make sure we can all practice safely in our outside classes, please make sure you follow the guidelines:

• keep a distance of a minimum 1,5 meter and give each other space

• wash your hands before and after sport/yoga

• cough and sneeze inside your elbow

• bring your own yoga mat

• bring something warm (a sweater / jacket / socks)

• bring bottle of water, sun cream, sun glasses

• make sure you book your class before coming!

• If you have a cold or are feeling sick, stay at home

With love and light and I hope to see you soon outside.


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