Our safety measures – Corona Protocol

Corona Protocol

To keep our spaces and community safe, we kindly ask you all to follow our guidelines.

Stay home if you have any of the following symptoms

Cold symptoms, coughing, shortness of breath, elevated temperature or a fever, sudden loss of taste and smell.

Bring your own mat + covers

Please bring your own mat and a towel/pillowcase/scarf to cover our props with. And to use duding relaxation. In case there is no other option, you can borrow one of our mats.

Arrive/leave within 10 minutes

Come in approximately 10 minutes before the class starts, and please leave right after class ends.

Wear a mask

You are obliged to wear a mask in the reception area and dressing rooms before and after your yoga class. Once you are on your yoga mat, you can take it off.

Disinfect your hands upon entry

Make sure to disinfect your hands with the provided gel or wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

Keep 1.5 meter distance

Keep track of the marks on the floor, use the designated spots in the studio to place your mat.

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