Corona – Updated rules 4 November 2020

Dear Yoganesa Community Member,

We hope you are doing well and very literally remaining flexible with regard to coronavirus rules. Here is how things stand today:

Updated rules from the Dutch Government:
The Dutch government has announced that all sports clubs including yoga schools can stay open but the group classes must be reduced to two students. Of course we’re respecting these new and temporary rules. We have therefore decided to offer only live-stream classes and private classes for the coming two weeks. Offering only two space in the studio feels unfair to a group of participants who would love to join the class in the studio but cannot due to limited places.

What does this mean for our community at Yoganesa? Here is how we are handling the situation:
We know that you love to come to our peaceful studio and that the atmosphere of Yoganesa helps you to reflect, relax and recharge. We hope we can return to the studio soon. But for now we encourage you to continue your practice at home – and to make your home a peaceful place.

How to prepare yourself to practice at home?
Find a place to practice. Choose the place you feel comfortable, as quiet  as possible, where you will not be disturbed by others or by the ringing of the phone. Ask your family members to support and respect you in taking time for yourself.

Gather audio and video equipment 
Make sure you have suitable equipment (computer or iPad) to join live-streams or recorded classes.

Gather some equipment
To practice yoga at home you need a yoga mat, a few pillows, and blankets. If you would like to do Pilates make sure you have a mat, flex band, small ball and hand weights.

Live-streaming, recorded and private classes
To join classes via live-stream
please book a spot via our schedule. In a confirmation email you will receive a link to the ‘virtual’ meeting rooms.

Video on demand classes:
In a case you are not able to join live streaming classes you are welcome to make use of “video on demand”. The live streaming classes are recorded and can be sent to your mailbox after the practice, so you can do your practice at a time convenient for you. It is so easy and fun.

What you need to do to receive the recorded class:

  1. Make sure you have active agreement. If your classes card has expired please purchase  a new one via ‘Buy Membership‘ first.
  2. Book a spot in a class you would like to receive a recording of. If I don’t  see you during our live streamed class, I will send the recording straight  after practice.

Private class
There is a possibility to book a private class with one of Yoganesa’s teachers. To book a private class please send us an email with preferred time and day (

If your classes card expired please purchase new one via ‘Buy Membership‘ first and then book a spot in class. To joint the class via Zoom you need a Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Telephone (detailed instructions can be found below).

If you would like your membership to be frozen please send us email (

New to Yoganesa? We invite you to try classes with us. You can choose from 2 options:

Try-out kit: 10 classes valid 30 days for 80 euro This kit is made for people who are seeking to find the class that suits them best from the Yoganesa roster. With this option you have the opportunity to take 10 classes at a discounted rate, over the period of 30 days. You can choose from any of the class (outdoor classes, live-streams, video on demand). Register and get this card

2 try-out classes valid 7 days for 15 euro This option is made for people who want to sample Yoganesa classes, and see if the studio suits them. Register and get this card

The most important for all of us is to work on our physical, mental and emotional health – therefore we would like to encourage you to continue your practice to stay strong and healthy.

How do you stay up to date?
Please keep an eye on our blog for all updates. Do not hesitate to contact us via email: or telephone 0645228162




As you may have read, Yoganesa will not be able to give classes at our physical location at Dr. Zamenhofstraat 71, Rotterdam for at least 3 weeks, but we offer ONLINE classes in the coming weeks, via Zoom.

Zoom is a handy online platform, as easy to use as Skype or FaceTime, with which we can have a beautiful yoga class LIVE. Perhaps at this time you need yoga and meditation, to take good care of yourself, to let go a little, to go from your head to your body, to feel and to trust. With ZOOM, we can continue to offer classes and continue doing yoga together. Physically separated but energetically connected: it’s the magic of technology.

If you want to join the online yoga classes in the coming weeks, follow the next steps:

1. Download Zoom on your phone, laptop or tablet (the device you want to use to take the online yoga class)
You can find Zoom in the App store on your phone or tablet.
You can also download Zoom from the website:

2. Register via My Yoganesa for an online class. This registration is the same as for a regular lesson in our timetable. You can register up to 15 minutes before the start of the class.

When you have registered for an online lesson, you will receive an email approximately 30 minutes before the start of the lesson with an invitation to participate via Zoom.

When you want to join the lesson via your phone, laptop or computer or tablet:
– Before the start of the lesson, click on the link in the invitation you received from us by email. You can “come in” from 10 minutes before the start of the lesson.

– Agree and Proceed for Cookies from this page

– Enter your name and “Join meeting”

– Click on “I agree” for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

– Choose “Join with Video” or “Join without Video”; you can choose whether you want to be in the meeting with or without your own video image. You can always see the teacher. You can also always start or turn off your video later.

– Press “Join with computer audio” to make the sound work. We can put all participants on “Mute”, so you will not be heard during the class.

If your audio doesn’t work directly in the Zoom meeting, please follow the next steps:
– Tap your meeting screen; a bar with meeting options will appear at the bottom.
– Press “Join Audio”

Then different options will appear: press “Call using internet audio” to use your speakers and microphone from your laptop, phone or tablet.

Last but not least: choose a nice space in your house, use a yoga mat, blanket. And enjoy the your practice!

With love,

Katri and the Yoganesa Team

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