A year of balance

I remember the beginning of this year, a year 2020, a year of BALANCE. It was my first thought. Nearly one year later I understood the meaning of these thoughts. It was a challenging year, and it is still challenging. We were literally pulled out of comfort zone and we were ask to find a new balance. 

We had to find a new balance in our work and personal life. It was very confronting on mental, emotional and physical level. Our home became our working space, as well as a place to workout and relax. We were forced to see what is going on in our relationships but also we get a chance to see how do we treat ourself. We couldn’t escape from challenging tasks, conversations anymore. We had to be confronted with. In my eyes this confrontation is a true gift. Thanks to this force we got a chance to reorganize our lives and to look for what is really the important fo us. We got the chance to be very close to everything what matters to us and let go of the rest. 

I am grateful to experience effects and power of the practice. I saw many of Yoganesa members coming to the class being stressed out, worried or sad. After the practice we were all so much more calm, relived and happy. We have a different desires and needs and regular practice helps us to connect to what is important in this very moment for us. I need to say I am truly proud of you. I am proud to see you grown so much during the last couple of months. I am impressed to see how many things we have learned in this short period of time. I can feel that we all became different. We became much more respectful, soft, mindful and grateful.

I feel like a fire-keeper of peace

One of the biggest source which helped me to stay committed to my mission is your presence. Thank you so much for receiving my teaching and offering back your beautiful energy of love and care.

The other source which personally helped me to stay grounded, focused and connected to inner wisdom during this year is my vision board, which I made in the beginning of this year.

There are many beautiful qualities which were my guidelines for my teaching and personal life this year. If you follow my teaching you can recognize some of them:

  • Be a light in a darkness 
  • Offer quality
  • Choose to grow
  • Be soft, take care of yourself, others and the Earth
  • Stay grounded, down to earth
  • Work with head, heart and hands 
  • Allow yourself to fall and make your choices
  • Love yourself the way you are
  • Let the heart guide you

This year was for me personally a year of connection. I arrived in this year with the wiliness to connect to myself and the others, and I got many opportunities to practice it. I will end this year with an image of hugging heart. What image will you end your year with?

I wish to all of us relaxed the end of the year and peaceful beginning of New Year. I am very curious what the New Year 2021 will bring to all of us but also what we will contribute into this New Year. The process of growth continues, let us stay connected and practice together. 

With love,