Vacation: It’s all between your ears

Monthly Newsletter, August 2018

Ah, vacation time! Now, in August, many of us are taking some needed time to unwind – or are just returning from a trip to a place even sunnier than the Netherlands! There is nothing like the sense of peace and ‘head space’ that a break from work and routine can offer. Our holidays can be a true ‘re-set’ button for daily life, giving us the open mind and free agenda needed to recognise our real priorities.

How do you hold on to the open ‘head space’ your holidays give you?
The pleasure of a vacation is all in your head… you just don’t know how big your head is!
It’s a thought we can carry back into our daily lives…and if you don’t believe it’s all in your head, can you remember a vacation that wasn’t a pleasure, even though you had been looking forward to it with great expectation?  It’s possible that what made it a ‘bad’ vacation was simply that it wasn’t perfect. The weird WC, the cancelled tour, the loss of baggage – all of that took up your head space. Leaving no space for enjoyment.
Why not let every day be like vacation?
To hold on to that sense of ‘open head space’ we have gotten during vacation – the place of presence, possibility, creativity and joy –  we can try new things. We can shift our attention and choose to see the many unique possibilities of every moment instead of  just the heavy, results-oriented ‘hard work’ that we allow to occupy our minds.