How was your summertime?

We had a good summer here in The Netherlands. We had relaxed time in nature, we enjoyed watching sunsets and we sometimes slept out under the sky, waking up oxygenated and full of energy. We enjoyed being in the moment, living in the flow. “Empty agendas” felt soooooooo good. We took time to take care of each other and to bond even more and it felt very good. We could reset and recharge this summer. How was your summertime? We hope you have had a good vacation, however you spent the time!

There are few things I would like to take with me after the summer:

1. Keep attracting good energy and spreading the light;
2. Living in the present moment;
3. Having a strong desire to discover/explore new things;
4. Developing talents;
5. Being myself;
6. Singing this song every day

Walk, always walk towards the sun 

To the sun, to the end of horizon 

Walk, always walk, never ending

Greeting one just awoken day 

Keep greeting it as a good ray of hope 

With the trust a bird sings the first light of dawn 


Walk, always be on the journey 

The one which people prosaically call life 


Walk, always walk as long as we can 

While the night is setting in behind our back 

Write the morning poem with the simplest words 

See for once in two colors what’s invisible 

Walk, always walk, hit home 

On the sand-encroached trace of truth 


Be, be myself and nothing more 

Look at the world through child’s eyes 

Walk, always walk towards the sun 

To the sun, to the end of horizon 


Text: Andrzej Mogielnicki