New year, new life: what are you growing into?

The holidays are here, bringing the chance to reflect upon the past 12 months and to set our intention for 2020 (just like we set our intention in yoga class).

So here’s the question: what did you give energy and ‘nourishment’ to during 2019?  

If you fed your compassion, your joy, your love and your dreams then – despite the sad, unexpected and not so positive things that are part of life – it’s very likely that you had more internal balance during the year, and feel hope and enthusiasm for 2020. (Remember our suggestion in January 2019, to start a Joy Jar in which every day you could write down one positive thing and put it in the jar? That’s feeding the positive!)

If you gave energy to anger, resentment, disempowerment, and disconnection then those are the qualities you were feeding. And you may have missed the wonderful, life-changing, juicy and positive things around you.

Here’s something to remember: When you make that small effort, that intention to feed and nourish the best inside of you, you are not being selfish or doing it just for yourself. You are actually shifting the energy of the whole world with your compassion, your joy, your love, your dreams. You’re doing it for everyone. (And if you’re feeding the anger, the disconnection, the disempowerment or whatever, that is energy you are sharing.)

For 2020, let’s be conscious of what qualities we are growing inside. As within, so without.