Yoga beyond styles with Vesna from Friday 6 April 2018

At Yoga Gita you will learn on the mat and in your practice how to adopt the philosophy of Yoga as explained in ancient texts. Through this practice you can effectively bloom to the true potential of yourself by establishing harmony at your body, breath and mind.


The whole civilization process of modern humans has created a deep trap of patterns. In the name of religion, nationality, system, parentage, education etc, humans are strongly influenced and surrounded by patterns from both inside and outside and have been made to express their life in a very limited and particular way.

The great yogis of ancient India understood this trapping fact of life and found a methodology called Yoga by which any modification into a particular way can be taken into control. In the philosophical language it is expressed as building the ability to manifest life beyond the influence of karma or past energy expression.

However, due to the influence of patterns, infinite conscious energy is restricted into a limited particularity and has become the core reason for the problems we face as humans. Unfortunately as natural carriers of these patterns many people have brought different styles of Yoga. Yoga is a big ray of hope for humanity, but to practice it in its true form is very important.

In life it is very important to express your true state of the Self beyond any influence. Without expression of this true state of the Self there is not much difference between you and an animal life.

Proper practice of Yoga will build the ability to replace the influence of patterns by your inner essence of love, freedom and peace. Patterns can influence your body, breath and mind. At Yoga Gita you will learn a well evolved practical methodology of practicing the real form of Hatha Yoga to bloom yourself beyond the influence of any pattern. 

5 weeks course: Yoga beyond the styles

Date: 6 April - 4 May 2018

Day: Friday 19:00 - 20:15

Teacher: Vesna

Entree: 75 euro

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