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2017-06-21, 08:12
To those thinking of participating in the 200 hour Teacher Training at Yoganesa in Rotterdam with Mandy and Katri, it is an incredible gift to yourself. I felt genuinely supported through this program. My own yoga practice was not particularly well incorporated into my life. I would go to a class now and then and feel virtuous, but not that developed. These teachers truly helped build me from the ground up. They inspired me on all fronts: intellectually with the philosophy of yoga, they gave tremendous emotional support and were open to my endless questions, and physically...I have never felt stronger. But most importantly, I felt a reconnection through my body to spirit, and I am greatly indebted to have been guided by these incredible teachers in that aspect. The friendships that were made with my fellow students are ones that will be treasured. I was looking to shift my life in a positive direction with my career choices and I feel so thankful to Mandy and Katri for their purposeful attention to give me the building blocks for that change.
2016-08-10, 15:39
My grandma use to say that angels are not a kind of gosh, but angels are people who are in the rigth moment to teach you or show you something when you need it... so you, Katri, were my angel... my yoga teacher.. and yoganesa my second home :).
I want to thank you for let me know the benefits of practicing yoga... for allow me to grow up as a person and as profesional... and of course thank you for your warm and lovely frendship... you always had the right word in the right moment even when you did not know that what were you saying had been powerful for me....
2016-07-15, 08:07
I have been practicing different styles of yoga for over 5 years. Yet, it was only when I discovered Yoganesa, a yoga studio in Kralingen, Rotterdam, that I started to really feel a difference, and I truly miss it when I’m away from home. Now, almost 2 years later, I feel that I am truly starting to practice yoga.

What I love most about this yoga practice and about my local hero, Katri, is that for roughly 75 minutes, I simply stop thinking and start focusing on the then and there. They say every yoga teacher is different, for me, every class with Katri is different. She is my local hero in Rotterdam, and I naturally wanted to know more about her.
Read the interview with Katri here: https://citinerary.net/journal/local-heroes-46–katri-marcinkowska-yoganesa
2016-07-13, 07:48
I still remember the day in the early autumn I was going to come first time for the beginner’s course. I was excited but simultaneously terrified because some prior attempts to start yoga or any sport had not gone very well for me. However stepping into Yoganesa, shaking from exhilaration and nervousness, I very quickly got to find out that it was - and obviously still is - a supportive, safe and a loving place where you don't need to feel anxious or scared.

This is for a big part thanks to you, Katri. You, your lovely spirit, genuine interest and endless supportiveness make sure that everyone feels welcome at Yoganesa. From the first to the latest class, I have felt at ease and I have been ready to try things that I never thought I would be good enough to do, but with your support and true belief in me I got there maybe not always right away but eventually.

I would like to thank you for all this. Your time, your kindness, your belief, your guidance, your patience and, well many more things but the list would be very long.
Most of all, however, I want to thank you for creating a space that feels like home away from home.
2016-07-12, 10:01
Dear Katri,Thank you for being such a wonderful soul! You make our days brighter with your practice and knowledge. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you are done for me since I arrived.
2016-07-04, 17:09
I have experienced Katri as a positive and authentic teacher which has developed her own (great) way of teaching. The classes take place in a nice and friendly atmosphere, which is the beginning of a good yoga class. As Katri starts to teach, you feel appreciated as you are. Katri can show or let your feel a new perspective on a pose, physically and mentally. Some poses I had done for years the same way, but after I started taking classes from Katri I found new variations and improvements of the pose. In other words: yoga is full of possibilities physically and mentally, and importantly, respecting the limitations of your own body. Katri ’s classes are, besides attention at breath, focused at technical alignment with taking into account the prevention of injuries. Katri will help bringing every student to their full potential and see their blind spots, besides bringing the whole group in a flow.
2015-01-11, 18:34
I don't know if you have seen the pictures of the Yoga retreat in Poland from 28th of December till the 3rd of January?

If not you must take a look, it was marvelous. I will not forget the beautiful white mountains (there was quite some snow), the lovely walks in and on these mountains and the other lovely things we did like skiing and visiting a thermal bath.

Twice a day Yoga, for me it meant a lot because I thought I couldn't do that anymore, delicious vegetarian meals and very nice company from several countries. I will go back there I know that for sure.
2014-09-17, 20:07
After 13 years of yoga in Italy, I met Katri and something changed. I was just arrived in Rotterdam: a new town, a new job, a new home. I needed to find a ‘’safe’’ place so I decided to join the Vinyasa flow yoga classes of Katri. It was a new style for me, because I have only had experience of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. The discovery of this new approach has allowed me to completely revolutionize my practice. I finally figured out the asanas, I started to feel them, to perceive the position of each muscle. This has increased the awareness of my body and myself. I really love her way of explaining every detail of the asana, pushing you to the limit. Thanks to her suggestions during the alignment class, I learnt a lot of technical details, perceiving the essence of yoga practice, that makes the difference between yoga and gymnastics. I finally understood what it means to be comfortable in the effort of the pose. And after several months, I can say that I found the “safe’’ place I was looking for: Katri has always remembered my name from the first lesson, making me feel welcomed. And now, when she calls me or correct me during the practice, she speaks to my body but also to my heart.
2014-06-12, 21:04
I was looking exactly for this kind of atmosphere and the excellent way of teaching. I really enjoy the classes.
2014-05-17, 09:57
I really appreciated the friendly atmosphere and very good classes. I am very happy that I found Yoganesa.
2014-05-10, 19:01
De lessen van Katri vind ik heel prettig vanwege de zachte aanpak en rust die ze me geeft. Ik volg haar lessen met veel plezier.
2014-04-08, 20:58
“De spring-retreat was een hele fijne ‘break’ uit het dagelijks leven. Ik werd hartelijk ontvangen en het was een bijzonder weekend met, zoals ik gewend ben van Yoganesa, goede en persoonlijke begeleiding in yoga en meditatie. Door in de yogalessen te werken met thema’s, kreeg je de ruimte om op zoek te gaan naar persoonlijke vraagstukken of inzichten. Dat werkte goed en was erg prettig.”
2014-03-27, 09:59
Ik vond de retraite van Djehan en Katri heel fijn om bij te wonen. Heerlijk om de dag te beginnen met een gezond sapje en een stevige sessie yoga. Genoeg ontspanning gedurende de dag door een mooie mengeling van vrije tijd en meditatie. Goede maaltijden en een fijn en veilig groepsgevoel. Ontspanning alom :)