One day from yoga holidays in Poland by Katri

I arrived at Wierchomla Mala on Saturday afternoon around 16:00. After a relaxed yoga class, a deliciousness an dinner and integrative meeting I went out to connect again with nature. To be part of nature feels so nice.


To begin a day in relaxed way, we did start with a breathing exercises. Afterwards we did drink a ginger tea with lemon and honey, what has a warming, but also detoxifying effects and then I joined a dynamic yoga class, which was focusing on functional alignment. 

Relaxed and re-energized, I had a delicious breakfast and I did start my first hiking trip (walking up Jaworzyna Krynicka).



Following the signs on the tries, listening to the brooks, smelling leaves, mushrooms and counting the steps, I did experience inner integrity and peace. 


I realized that walking in the mountains is nothing else than our life - constant walking up and down a hill; it was challenging but also relaxing moments. 


A beautiful view appeared at the top of the mountain. 


This beautiful view gave me a feeling of freedom, space, breath. 


I closed the eyes to imagine being bird. I felt wind touching the skin of my face... 

I opened the eyes to enjoy the view. This was a moment of deep reflection; to see my own life from higher perspective. 

Where am I? Where am I going?  I am aware of the fact that many new situation are waiting for me. I am aware of the fact that I will meet many people, unknown to me yet.

Standing at the top of the mountain gave me a feeling of victory (victory over own weaknesses); and sense of trust in process of life. 

After apple pie and warm tea, I went down from the top. 


Here another reflection: once Wilson Mizner said: "Be nice to those you meet on the way up because you will meet them on the way down"

This time I took a ski-lift.  


Afterwards I did swim, took a sauna in the hotel and joined an yoga class.

I ate a vegetarian dinner and together with our yoga group watched inspiring movie about B.K.S. Iyengar.

It was truly great experience :) 

I love the combination yoga & mountains.