200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training from 9 September 2017

Join us for a certified 200 hour yoga Teacher Training program!  Our program has been mindfully created by Mandy Lathan, experienced, international yoga teacher trainer.  It is Mandy’s intention to develop teachers of the highest calibre and to inspire transformation both on and off the mat.  Through various practices, lectures, discussions, teaching your peers, assisting and adjusting, reading, and observing, you will gain the tools to see these intentions through to fruition.  Further develop your personal practice, become a knowledgeable and effective yoga teacher, and spark positive transformation in your life.


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Join Question & Answer session with Mandy on Sunday 2 July 2017 at 9:30



Our 200-hour training does much more than deepen your yoga practice and help you develop as a teacher; it is a program intended to inspire transformation in your life.  Through the study of asana, mindfulness, lifestyle philosophy, positive psychology, anatomy and beyond, watch the changes unfold on and off your mat!  

This program is for any level of student.  Our yoga style of focus is that of vinyasa, however, the tools gained will be transferrable to many styles of yoga.  


After graduating from this Teacher Training (passing a written and practical exam), you are eligible for a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher who has finished a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training).


Our 200-hour Teacher Training Curriculum includes: 


Asana, defined as “seat,” is the physical practice of yoga. Discover how to create a balance of effort and ease (sthira sukha) within every posture through the use of proper alignment, pranayama, bandhas, and intention.

You will learn:

  • Healthy alignment

  • How to assist and adjust students in a pose

  • Common injuries

  • Contraindications

  • How and when to make postural modifications

  • Benefits of a posture

  • Modifications and beneficial postures for prenatal students



Pranayama can deepen an asana practice, be used as a tool for dealing with depression and anxiety, and can be beneficial in many other circumstances off the mat.

Besides pranayama, we will look at research studies and results pertaining to various techniques to give you a better understanding of how meditation works within the brain.

You will learn:

  • About the muscles that aid the respiration process

  • How and when to practice various pranayama techniques

  • How and when to teach these techniques

  • Several meditation techniques

  • Research how meditation works within the brain by diving into research studies

  • Establish and maintain a regular meditation practice



We will explore the physical body in a very practical way and will stimulate visual and active learning. Learn how the body moves and how to adapt a practice for various physical particularities. An understanding of anatomy and physiology can also greatly transform your personal practice.

 You will learn:

  • Introduction to the anatomy of the human body

  • Physiology of the human body

  • Muscular-skeletal system

  • Nervous system

  • Respiratory system

  • Functional Anatomy: how body movements relate into postures

  • Reading bodies

  • Modifications in postures

  • Common injuries and other physical constraints

  • Understanding proper use of props and modifications



We will introduce you to the subtle bodies, helping you to understand the benefits of yoga.  

You will learn:

  • The Chakra System

  • Mudras

  • Development of physical, intellectual, & emotional intelligence



Learn to see the particularities of your students' bodies and how to make suitable adaptations within the asana. 

You will learn:

  • Healthy alignment

  • How to touch a student

  • Reading bodies during teaching

  • Modifying postures

  • Hands-on assists and adjustments



Throughout this program, some of the philosophies relating to yoga will be explored through discussions, experiments, reading, and writing.  Additionally, we will dive into practical philosophy as it relates to your practice, teaching, and life off the mat.  

Challenge your reductive views of self and other, inspire inclusivity in your life, and invite transformation of thought and action.

You will learn:

  • History of yoga

  • Sanskrit

  • Styles of yoga

  • Discuss Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali

  • Discuss the Bhagavad Gita

  • Study the eight-limbed path of yoga



During this training you will gain all the tools to become a knowledgeable and effective yoga teacher. We also believe in the importance of a steady self-practice. As you practice, you will open your mind and your heart and this will bring you to higher states of awareness. From practicing, you will learn and understand your own body and will then be able to teach others.

You will learn:

  • The art of teaching

  • Sequencing

  • Keep a journal of your practice

  • Join a minimum amount of yoga classes during the training

  • Observe a minimum amount of yoga classes during the training

  • Work with other students on teaching assignments

  • Chanting

  • Life Integration of the practice of yoga


Mandy Lathan - your training leader

Mandy Lathan is an experienced certified yoga teacher, having studied under teachers and institutes such as Tiffany CruikshankCori Martinez, and Corepower Yoga. Mandy was a university professor, professional dancer, director, and choreographer of a dance company in the US for several years and simultaneously owned a yoga studio. She has led yoga retreats, workshops, and teacher training programs around the world and is a published author. In 2013, she moved to Europe with a focus on the intellectual athleticism of the practice. Now, in addition to leading yoga teacher training courses, Mandy studies psychology in London. www.live-the-practice.com

Katri (Katarzyna Marcinkowska-Pawlak) - your anatomy & sequencing expert

Katri Marcinkowska is an experienced certified yoga teacher, having studied under teachers such Hilary Brown (Vinyasa Yoga), Marlene Henny (Core Flow Vinyasa Yoga), Claas Hille (Iyengar Yoga), Hiske van der Meulen (Iyengar yoga). She has led yoga retreats and workshops, and she is a founder of Yoganesa Rotterdam. She took part in many workshops with James Higgins (Soul Flow Yoga), Liese van Dam (Ayurvedic philosophy), Jose de Groot (Yin & Yang Yoga Anatomy), Max Strom (Vinyasa Yoga), Twee Merrigan (Prana Flow Yoga) , Coral Brown (Prana Flow Yoga). Katri attended the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Moves, completing the program in October 2010 (300+ hour). She started the Advanced Teacher Training (500+ hour) in 2013. "The most important thing for me is to keep growing as a yoga practitioner and a teacher; to support and inspire others." www.yoganesa.nlwww.katriyoga.com



Required Literature

Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic - Darren Main

Yoga for Emotional Balance - Bo Forbes

The Key Muscles of Yoga, Volume 1  |  Ray Long


Suggested Literature

Finding More Flow: Insights into Vinyasa Yoga for Teachers and Practitioners | Katri Marcinkowska (can be purchased in studio or via this link)

The Key Poses of Yoga – Your Guide to Functional Anatomy in Yoga | Ray Long

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The Bhagavad Gita



The total costs of the 200-hour Vinyasa TTC are depending on which pricing option you select. The total fee includes 21% BTW (VAT) and the teacher training manual. 

Option 1:  Early bird:                         € 2.000,           paid before 1 May 2017 

Option 2:  Regular:                            € 2.200,           paid before 25 August 2017

Option 3:  Payment in 4 terms:          € 2.300,           paid before 1 January 2018

A €250 deposit will reserve your space in this training. *Deposits are nonrefundable.



Saturdays:  10:00-17:00 (with a 45 minute break)

Sundays:    10:00-17:00 (with a 45 minute break)



September 2017

Saturday, 9 Sept                                                                             

Sunday, 10 Sept                                                                                            

October 2017                                                         

Saturday, 14 Oct                                                                             

Sunday, 15 Oct

November 2017

Saturday, 4 Nov 

Sunday, 5 Nov

December 2017

Saturday, 2 Dec

Sunday, 3 Dec

January 2018                                                      

Saturday, 6 Jan                                                     

Sunday, 7 Jan                                                                                                           

February 2018 

Saturday, 10 Feb

Sunday, 11 Feb

March 2018

Saturday, 3 Mar

Sunday, 4 Mar

April 2018  

Saturday 14 Apr

Saturday 15 Apr

May 2018 

Saturday 5 May

Saturday 6 May

June 2018 

Saturday 2 June

Saturday 3 June

July 2018 (exams)

Saturday 7 July

Saturday 8 July




To enroll in this amazing Vinyasa yoga teacher training, you can shoot us an emailWe look forward to hearing from you!