Prenatal courses

Your pregnancy is a special time in which a lot has changed in your body and life. In the yoga classes we consider your situation, being a future mother, and we focus on relaxation and awareness. We use hatha yoga poses, breathing, relaxation exercises and meditation what will prepare you for a relaxed and safe childbirth.




During the lessons exercise and/or we discuss:

- breathing techniques;
- contraction techniques;
- the importance of good posture;
- birthing positions;
- make contact with your baby;
- learn how to deal with pain and fear;
- learn how to deal with stress;
- relaxation exercises;
- massage exercises;


Data of the courses 

Course 2/2019 NL

Day: Wednesday

Dates: 6 March - 17 April 2019 (Partner class on 10 April 2019) 

Time: 19:00 – 20:15

Teacher: Jildou

Investment: 125 euro (incl. description of the breathing techniques)


Course 3/2019 NL

Day: Wednesday

Dates: 8 May - 19 June 2019 (Partner class on 12 June 2019) 

Time: 18:45 – 20:00

Teacher: Jildou

Investment: 125 euro (incl. description of the breathing techniques)


Content per lesson:

Lesson 1 posture
During the pregnancy as the baby is growing and ligaments are softening there will be extra weight in the front of the body so you may feel backache. With this class we will focus on your posture. We will show you how to lie down, how to stand or sit with a minimum load on your back.

Lesson 2 breathing
It is very important to breathe deeply. Aware breathing creates space for your baby and the organs in your belly. Also during labor the breath brings more oxygen, what helps to stay relaxed. As you may notice it is more difficult to breath deep into the belly. In this class we will practice different breathing techniques.

Lesson 3 awakening of pelvis region
During pregnancy the pelvic area is the place where all the physical changes take place. In this class we guide you to recognize tension and relaxation of this area of your body. So you will be able to use the technique of pelvic breath during the childbirth.

Lesson 4 visualization
Many women suffer from worries, fears and insecurities thinking about childbirth, what build up stress. In this class we will use visualizations, which will teach you to control the mind and bring relaxation, which is essential for childbirth.

Lesson 5 concentration
During childbirth concentration is very important. As your mind will be occupied with the pain during the childbirth, you need to learn to concentrate on your breath and deal with the pain. In this class we will give you some techniques, which will help you to develop concentration skills.

Lesson 6 partner class
It is a class with your partner, or anyone else you want to have present at childbirth. We will repeat breathing techniques, teach your partner a massage techniques, which can be used before and during the childbirth and we talk about various phases of labor.

Lessen 7 during and after childbirth
With this class we will look at the types and phases of labor. We will also give you advises what can you do in the first few weeks after giving birth to slowly strengthening your lower belly and pelvic floor muscles.

Lesson 8 come back with baby
It is a coming back with the baby class. There will be room for sharing the experiences. We will provide some gentle exercises for you and your baby.

Sign up:

You can start with the course when you are around 26 week of your pregnancy. We advise you to sign up on time, not later then one month before start date of the course. If you are late, of course you can contact us to ask about available places.

To sign up to prenatal course please send us email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and make a payment to our bank account NL32INGB000 5279736 t.n.v. Yoganesa Rotterdam. We will contact you to confirm your participation.


Message from Katri:

During my own pregnancy realized how important regular yoga practice is. Good focus, breath and body awareness helped me enormously to remember the childbirth of my son Ksawery Jakub, as a wonderful experience. Following prenatal classes myself I realized that when the course is finished you may miss the regular practice.

It is a reason I've prepared for you prenatal yoga online class, which you can do at home after the course will finish. It is 45 min of gentle yoga, breathing and meditation, which can help you to prepare for an easy childbirth. Watch first the little tutorial :)

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