Yin Yoga for Chakra Balancing with Bianca 20 October, 8 December 2018

When we practice Yin Yoga we’re not only opening up the physical body – we’re also tapping into the energetic body. This workshop is about the chakras and its connection with the meridians. Our prana, or life force energy, flows through our body along energy channels – also known as nadis or meridians.  These meridians travel through energy centres known as chakras.  

Our ‘Yin Yoga for Chakra Balancing’ workshop will work through a sequence of long, deep holds in poses focusing on each energy centre starting from the base of the spine, up to the crown of the head.  Each pose will be held for 3 – 5 minutes and you’ll enjoy a mini meditation in each posture. This will give the physical body time to let go of any built up tension and allow a shift in the energetic body.  We will start to release energetic blockages so that you feel more open, grounded and balanced. 

We will work with affirmations, to gain insight in the relationship between the chakras and emotions, and we will work with the Essential Oils connected to each chakra, which  are a great tool to help with physical ailments and spiritual growth.

Dates: 20 October 2018; 8 December 2018

Day: Saturday 9:30-11:30

Teacher: Bianca

Entree: 1 workshops 25 euro; 2 workshops 45 euro; 3 workshops 65 euro

Registration: Guarantee your spot by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and make a payment to our bank account.