Spiritual coaching

Spirituality is your personal experience of what you think, feel, experience and know.

With private tuition, we can explore your spiritual development or any barriers to this. In combination with meditation this can add to the development of your consciousness whereby. 

You will develop breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as how to approach mindfulness.  When putting these techniques into practice in your life, you will notice more insight and self-confidence, in daily life.

Private tuition can enable you to:

- Break free from an(unwanted) behavioural pattern 

- Achieve a better balance between your feelings and reasoning  

- Work through unprocessed known or unknown emotions. 

-  Gain more passion and zest in your life. 

-  Receive any needed support for difficult decisions or periods in your life 

The one-to-one session will last initially approximately 1.5 hours, with subsequent appointments set for (approximately) one hour.

Teacher: Fauzia

Your investment per session: €45.00 (including a debrief)                                                                               

More information or book the session: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.