Positive Psychology and Yoga

Counseling & Yoga session

An unconventional, informal and out-of-the box counseling session combined with personal yoga training.

We will be sitting in cozy cushions on yoga mats, talking through everything that you would like to share and be guided with.  Psychotherapy is not only about dealing with a serious problem in life but also about developing and growing even stronger. About learning to appreciate and engage more, so that you make the most out of an already descent life.  Respect, compassion and understanding will be the key components of our interaction.

Once the thoughts and feelings will turn to words and a first level of relief has achieved, we will try to influence and benefit your mental and emotional stability with a liberating and purifying yoga practice. Physical dimension is crucial to your general well-being.

Topics in focus:

- Stress relief

- Motivation

- Self-esteem, confidence & self- approval

- Relationship Issues

- Goal setting & Purpose

- Mindfulness Meditation

-Breathing Techniques and more


Duration: 2 hours

Your investment per session: €100,-  

Teacher: Konstantina                                                                         

More information or book the session via link 


Private Yoga class

If you are interested in a more focused and personal yoga training then this is something for you. I will guide you and assist you in your practice so that you benefit the most out of it. This class will be adapted to your needs and wishes.

Duration: 75 minutes

Cost: 60,-

Trainer: Konstantina

More information or book the session via link 

*All prices include 21% taxes

**All sessions are provided in English and Greek