Bianca Grondman


15 years ago I first came into contact with Yoga. It has given me strength and inner peace. I have over the years and during my travels through Asia practiced many different forms of yoga, my passion lies with Iyengar, Yin Yoga and Restoritive. I have done Yandara Yoga Institute on my Bali Yoga Teacher Training Course and specialized myself in Yin / Restoritive Yoga. I love to share this with you. 

Yin Yoga postures are performed sitting or lying and areheld longer time to stretch the connective tissue to relax the body and mind. Restoritive Yoga has an emphasis on the high and low back muscles. Using props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets we find the posture that is pleasing to you. 

I accompany you in observing your breath, your movements, your body, your thoughts and your feelings. The stilling of the mind and in the here and now. It is a lovely yoga form to practice at the end of the day. The exercises are suitable for both beginners and experienced yoga / meditation practitioners. 

See you on the mat.