Iris Tibboel

My first encounter with yoga was bullseye; its relatively slow but controlled pace, the body alignment, the spiritual indications. Yoga spoke my language and all I wanted was more.
The more I began to practice, the more curious I grew to different styles and schools of yoga. So I plunged into its deep waters and soon floated along with the current and found a world left to explore: traditional Hatha, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa flow, Do-in, Yin & Yang and some more styles that altogether made me realize I was in love.
A love that was rooted deep inside of me, as I discovered later on. The deeper I breathed, the more I seemed to get access to that place - as if it was a gateway.
I figured yoga to be more of a lesson for living a balanced life than just a physical pratice. To practice yoga for me is to practice life itself, where yoga is the guide along the way. Helping to grow strong and resiliant, showing to be kind and caring to yourself and others. Holding up a mirror, to face your worst fears. Breaking you, so you can heal. Getting up, so you will fall again - keeping you to rediscover yourself over and over.
Allowing you to see the world in its multidimensional layers, and fill you with gratitude.

“Yoga is the light that once lit, will never dim - the better your practice, the brighter the flame.”

Eventually I committed to Vinyasa flow for years, practicing almost daily with devotion until I longed for the other side of the story. I wanted more depth, and the teachertraining (including Yin and Yang/Vinyasa) gave me that and more.
All the lessons yoga tought me were to teach myself, and by learning this, I could do nothing but start teaching.