Basiet Jarmohamed

A few years ago I started doing Crossfit at Crossfit Hofplein. A result of doing Crossfit was that my muscles became shorter and tensed. In order to overcome this problem I did a weekly mobility class, which was actually a yoga class. Since the first mobility class I have been hooked. I loved focussing on breathing and challenging the body in ways I have never known before. I liked the classes so much I wanted to know more about yoga, so I started a Broga teacher training. This training led to teaching yoga and broga lessons at Crossfit Hofplein. In the meantime I continued doing yoga at various yoga studios. My interest in yoga kept growing, so I decided to do a vinyasa yoga teacher training. Yoga started as a sport for me complementary to Crossfit. Now it is definitely way more than just a sport. I almost practise daily and I am beginning to really appreciate the slower forms of yoga as well. I am a teacher in economics at a high school in Bergschenhoek as well. So yoga is a great addition to my life. What is your excuse to do yoga? See you in my class!!!