Ruud Boer


My first encounter with vinyasa yoga was in the autumn of 2013 when I was travelling for one year. I was diving and surfing in Indonesia and joined a vinyasa yoga class with a very bright, cool and down to earth guy from Uruguay. The class was hard work, sweat dripping on my mat. Back home before travelling I was doing slow hatha yoga for a few years, but this vinyasa yoga was a different ballgame. I thought hmmmm….yoga doesn’t have to be woolly or spacey! It can be very down to earth and physical. It all depends on the teacher and your own practice. 

I am “in my head” most of the day and yoga makes me feel my body. Yoga grounds me. So actually the opposite of getting woolly and spacey happens. Unlike what people usually think about yoga. Especially men think yoga is not for hem, it is a women’s thing. But the opposite is true, because in the early days yoga was practiced by men. So I would like to get more men to the yoga schools! 

In september of 2017 I am also going to do a yin yoga teacher training. Because vinyasa is a yang (active) practice I would like to counterbalance it with some yin (passive) practice. My classes will be a combination between yin and yang. We start with active asanas and end the class with some yin poses. I can both teach English and Dutch. 

In daily life I surf a lot, cycle, write, love to make music (singing, djembe, guitar), watch movies, read books and go outside into nature as much as possible. Oh….and I love to make jokes, try not to take life too seriously!