Carola Sprengelmeijer

My name is Carola, wife and mother of two children. The topics of health, nutrition, oriental medicine and movement have long been a great passion! That's why I've made my work of my passion.

Health means to me that the body and mind is in balance. As an orthomolecular therapist, I look at you as a whole human, to your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual functioning and coherence therein. In addition to conducting a natural medicine practice, I also offer several Retreat weeks in Portugal, where yoga is on schedule daily.

For 6 years I'm busy with yoga, and that brings so much balance in my life that I would like to pass it on to others. I like to practice various yoga styles and open myself, which adds to my flexibility and creativity. That's why I chose the international Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Mandy Lathan. A dynamic form of yoga, in which the lesson can be built in a creative way, which contributes to physical development and mental rest.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga in which attitudes are performed on the rhythm of the breath and gradually and smoothly move together as a dance. This creates a flow of movements, which creates both dynamic and mental rest.
Vinyasa Flow is for the Yogi who wants to move and want to develop physically. These lessons can be slow, strong, and meditative or just very challenging and fast. 

Your are welcome to try and see what yoga brings to you.