Samantha van der Wouden-Diedericks (Samshine)


Yoga is for everybody and for "Every Body" is my favorite saying!

I teach from the heart towards the heart of everyone that finds them on a mat in one of my classes, I believe in safety first and respect towards your own body and your body's needs, which can change every day with the flow of your biorythms.

I am a born and bred South African with the rhythm of africa in my blood which sometimes comes to the front in one of my vinyasa classes, I teach Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, with a touch of Tai Chi or Qui gong, or sometimes a few dancemoves.  I am passionate about movement and breath and the natural flow and grace of the Human body/form. I incorporate TRE (trauma release exercises) when I sense the need for it in one of my classes. I am a freestyle teacher that love to connect people with their own bodies. 

I am an Artist, Lecturer, Communications specialist and Yogi (15years)

I am Samantha van der Wouden-Diedericks (Samshine)