About Yoganesa


Yoganesa, Center for body, mind & soul is a professional pilates & yoga school in the heart of Rotterdam. We offer classes on every level. Our location has personal atmosphere, beautiful studio’s, a space where you can enjoy a cup of biologic tea and gift shop, where you can get presents for yourself, friends or family. 

The Yoganesa team is a group of international, certificated teachers, who are sharing their passion and love to yoga, pilates and meditation.






The name Yoganesa consists of two words: Yoga –union and Ganesa, the elephant-headed god.

Ganesa is our teacher, tutor and the guardian of the studio. Our goal is to offer you a beautiful studio with a friendly atmosphere and welcome you with an open heart. We like our students to grow physically and personal, to learn to enjoy every moment of their life. 


Ganesa’s symbols
The image of Ganesa has a very strong symbolic meaning and we can learn a lot from it. 

  • The large head for 'thinking big'
  • The small eyes for 'concentration and focus'
  • The big ears for 'listing'
  • The small mouth for 'talking in moderation'
  • The trunk for 'flexibility and adaptability’
  • That one tusk for 'reserves of the good and discard of the bad’

The big stomach for "the quiet digesting of all the good and bad moments in life’
Ganesa offers us an inspiration and determination to get through the obstacles that you encounter in your life.



We would like to thank our teachers and students for all inspiring questions, thoughts and sharing the energy.